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 SkyNet Aerial Media’s Mission, is to provide our clients with cutting edge video and photography. We get rid of the guesswork and provide you with a stress free product from start to finish. Our services are executed with professionalism and consideration to all things that matter to our clients.  Having a Bachelors degree in film keeps us on our toes of “creativity and innovation” making your projects stand out above the rest.  At the end of the day, our only goal is to go above and beyond your expectations and give you a product that makes you glad you came to us.  

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30 plus years ago my father gave me my first camera and a new life long relationship was created with photography. I was raised with a camera and electronics as my father had an electronics repair shop on our property. He taught me to always do better than the last and strive for perfection every chance I could. Over the years my love for audio in home/theaters, car audio, commercial audio/video & CCTV systems, access control, remote controlled helicopters and multirotors brought me to the idea of flying my camera to get the shot I needed.  I didn’t just want to “fly” a camera, I wanted to film like the professionals did to get that cinematic look and I knew then I needed to go back to school to learn more. I enrolled in 2012 into “Full Sail University” where I graduated top of my class with a Bachelor’s Degree in “Digital Cinematography”. Now with all my years of real world experience, I am able to combine with proper shooting techniques, lighting, set design and camera settings to make sure I get the shots needed everytime. All those years of experimenting and years of schooling gave birth to SkyNet Aerial Media™ and we are here to cover anything you need. We fly and operate with a “Part 107 certificate”  approved by the FAA to legally fly our UAS or UAV’s in U.S. air space and charge for our aerial services. Let our years of real world experience and education make SkyNet Aerial Media™ your only source for capturing the moments that matter from the air and the ground.

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 Because we hold FAA "Part 107" certificates and are fully insured. Only hire professionals and get professional results that your neighbors kid with a drone can't give you :) 

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